Hygienic Urine Sampling

IVUS Hygienic Urine Sampling Kit are manufactured upon request from doctors and hospitals to simplify and facilitate clean urine collection for analyses. Sterilized and ready to use for microbiological tests.

IVUS Best Practices

User friendly

The IVUS kit comes in peel-pack packages or in boxes and contain all you’ll need for the Single Urine Sample Collection. The kits are easy to hand out for the laboratory staff and very user friendly for the patient.

Safe and reliable

The IVUS kits are IVD approved. The simple and clean test kits are safe and leaves the technician in the laboratories with the absolutely best test results. The kits is carefully being followed from raw material and production to the user which ensure the best standards.

Sterilized & hygienic

IVUS is designed to simplify and facilitate clean urine collection for regular and advanced testing. All kits are clean and sterilized as IVUS is dedicated to deliver the highest standards within urine kit to hospitals and laboratories to provide the best test results.

The kits from IVUS is perfect for Single-use urine sample collections for biological analyses.

The kits are safe, hygienic and easy to use.

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Urine Collection

Hygienic Urine Collection Kit

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