Do you rely on your test result?

Up to 42% of urine specimens are contaminated which leads to incorrect results.
Sterile and proper urine collection can reduce this by up to 77%.

IVUS are Quality consumables for hygienic collection, handling and storage of biological fluids.

Hygienic Urine Sampling2

Hygienic Collection of Urine & Biological Fluids

IVUS Urine Kit are manufactured by request from doctors and hospitals to simplify and facilitate clean urine collection. Sterilized and ready to use for microbiological sampling.


Liquid Handling

IVUS pipette tips are manufactured with a patented technology to increase pipette accuracy and precision. IVUS tips are available with or without an aerosol barrier filter. The superior low-retention X-Resin tips comes in sterile, bulk and reload.


Cryogenic Storage

IVUS Cryo Tubes is designed with a tight closing that eliminates contamination. The IVUS tubes is there for a safe solution for storing within cell banking, biobanking, pharma research and transportation of biological materials.​


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