Liquid Handling

IVUS pipette tips are manufactured with a patented technology for increased pipette accuracy and precision. IVUS tips are available with or without an aerosol barrier filter. The superior low-retention X-Resin tips comes as sterile, bulk and reload.

IVUS Best Practices


Create the Perfect Fit. Experience the perfect fit with every tip using our patented FlexFit technology. You’ll be confident of a secure seal thanks to our flexible proximal end.

Eco friendly attributes

The IVUS reload solution maximize lab space and reduce the environmental footprint. The reload 960 tips on your lab bench using the same surface area as 1 rack. Fully recycable and contains no contaminating cardboard or paper. Inserts are easy to transfer to your IVUS empty racks.


X-Resin technology is a tip that needs no coating, resulting in a uniform composition throughout the tip for ultra-low retention composition throughout the tip to maximize sample recovery.​


Biohit Proline, Finnpipette ordinary & Electronic, Eppendorf Reference & Xplorer, Brand Transferpette, Capp, Gilson Pipetman, Gilson Pipetman Ultra, Nichiryo Nichipet EX, Nichiryo Oxford Benchmate, & Multimate, Socorex Calibri 822, VWR Ergonomic & Ultra High Performance.

Eliminate hanging droplets

The X-resin has a blade technology which eliminates all hanging droplet formation, ensuring sample precision delivery by reducing surface tension at the distal end of the tip.

User friendly rack

Front and back snap card tab placement is ideal for all hand sizes. The locking lid protect the tips from bumps and spills. Built with stability for ease of use with multi-channel pipetting. Back hinge makes it easy to open and close with one hand. Top can be removed for easy access.

Our products

Tips - Non filter


ProductSizeLow RetentionSterilePackedSales UnitCatalog no.
Pipette tip1000 µl rack8×96 pcs.IV-7001
Pipette tip1000 µl rack8×96 pcs.IV-7002
Pipette tip extended10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7003
Pipette tip200 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7004
Pipette tip 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7015
Pipette tip, reload10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7016
Pipette tip, etended 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7022
Pipette tip, EP-style 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7023
Pipette tip 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7025
Pipette tip, extended 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7026
Pipette tip 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7027
Pipette tip 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7029
Pipette tip, EP-style 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7030
Pipette tip, extended, reload10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7041
Pipette tip, micro 10 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7042
Pipette tip, reload 1000 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7018
Pipette tip 1000 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7031
Pipette tip 1000 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7045
Pipette tip, blue1000 µl pose1000 pcs.IV-7046
Pipette tip, reload 1250 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7019
Racks emty 1250 µltips10 pcs.IV-7021
Pipette tip 1250 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7024
Pipette tip 1250 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7028
Pipette tip 1250 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7032
Pipette tip 200 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7043
Pipette tip200 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7004
Pipette tip, reload 200 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7013
Pipette tip, graduated200 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7014
Pipette tip 200 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7017
Racks emty 200 µltips10 pcs.IV-7020
Pipette tip, yellow200 µl pose1000 pcs.IV-7044

Tips - With Filter

uTIP 0200 Filtered Final
ProductSizeFilterLow RetentionSterilePackedSales UnitCatalog no.
Pipette tip 1000 µlrack8×96 pcs.
Pipette tip 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7006
Pipette tip, extended10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7007
Pipette tip, EP-style10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7008
Pipette tip 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7033
Pipette tip, extended 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7034
Pipette tip, EP-style 10 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7035
Pipette tip 10 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7047
Pipette tip, extended 10 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7048
Pipette tip 100 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7010
Pipette tip 100 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7037
Pipette tip 100 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7050
Pipette tip 1000 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7012
Pipette tip 1000 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7052
Pipette tip 1250 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7039
Pipette tip 1250 µlrack8×96 pcs.IV-7040
Pipette tip 20 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7009
Pipette tip 20 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7036
Pipette tip 20 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7049
Pipette tip 200 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7011
Pipette tip 200 µlrack10×96 pcs.IV-7038
Pipette tip 200 µlpose1000 pcs.IV-7051


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